Based in los angeles, CA

Sense Brewing Co.

Sense Brewing Co. is a brand identity and packaging design concept for a small town brewery known for its quality beer and authenticity. Where others seem to hide from the risk that comes with alcohol consumption, Sense Brewery shines by reminding their customers to drink responsibly.

Brand Identity
Website Design
Packaging Design
Print Collateral
Logo Design

The main challenge of this project was to subtlely convey the main message of drinking responsibly to the customer without overwhelming them. Sense Brewery wants its customers to be safe yet still enjoy a nice cold glass of quality craft beer with friends.


I created a friendly identity that gives subtle hints throughout the identity of the core message, from the wavy pattern meaning the drunken feeling, company name that's short for "common sense", and color coated packaging representing different alcohol levels, and the most noticeable slogan.

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